Park Royal®; Hotels & Resorts has created the only  Guaranteed Vacation Rental System in the industry.

With This Program:

  • GUARANTEES YOU  the use of your Annual Holiday Credits.*
  • PAYS YOU  $500USD income for each block of  15,000 Holiday Credits.
  • PROTECTS your investment.
*The program does not apply to accelerated-use Holiday Credits, Accrued Holiday Credits, nor to any Bonuses, Promotions, or purchased Extra Credits. The Program is exclusively for Royal Holiday members with annual memberships of more than 30,000 Holiday Credits. Benefits are granted by the sales room at the time of the membership purchase. For more information on program operating rules,  click here


  • Make your annual membership payment  before January 15.
  • RENEW your RentSure program affiliation between January 1 and 31.
  • COMPLETE the online form between July 1 and 31 July, specifying whether you'll rent one or two blocks of 15,000 Annual Vacation Credits. Check the operating rules for more information.