Rent Sure
Operating Rules:
  1. The affiliation to the RentSure Program only applies from March 2005 for Royal Holiday Members who have been offered this benefit by the Sales Office and when purchasing their membership with a minimum of 30,000 Yearly Allotment Holiday Credits. RentSure Program will be only offered by authorized Royal Holiday Representatives Membership sellers.

  2. In order to apply to the RentSure program, the MEMBER must pay the current RentSure renovation fee* during January 1st to January 31st. After this date payments will not be accepted. The Rentsure Renovation Fee only is valid for one year, in the case the Member does not rent his credits during the corresponding year, the Rentsure Renovation Fee will not be reimbursed nor can be used for other concepts.

  3. In the event that the MEMBER has not redeemed and/or still has available Yearly Allotment Holiday Credits, he has the right to submit the rent ONLY through the web application form, during July 1st to July 31st and must notify whether if he will submit one or two blocks of 15,000 Yearly Allotment Holiday Credits.

  4. OPERATOR will pay to the MEMBER the amount of $500 US Dollars for each block of 15,000 Yearly Allotment Holiday Credits. The MEMBER can rent a maximum of two blocks per calendar year. The payment process will conclude between the months of August and September each year.

  5. The MEMBER shall have the right to submit its rental application for up to two blocks of 15,000 Yearly Allotment Holiday Credits exclusively through from July 1st to July 31st. Once the Yearly Allotment Holiday Credits are rented, we cannot reinstate them or reimburse them.

  6. The corresponding RentSure program benefit will be paid as instructed by the MEMBER: by wire electronic transfer or applied to the Annual Maintenance Fee. If the Maintenance Fee increases the MEMBER must cover the remaining balance left after the credit given by Rentsure Program.

  7. The corresponding RentSure program payment shall be made exclusively on behalf of the MEMBER, neither third parties nor relatives.

  8. The MEMBER agrees and acknowledges that the wire transfer receipt is a proof of payment of the rent.

  9. In order to be entitled to apply to the RentSure Program, the MEMBER must be in good standing in all the membership fees and the Rentsure renovation corresponding payment.

  10. The MEMBER is entitled to request the rent of the corresponding annual number of Yearly Allotment Holiday Credits assigned to its membership from the corresponding current calendar year, subject to the terms and conditions provided above.

  11. The MEMBER understands that ONLY the Yearly Allotment Holiday Credits can be applied to the RentSure Program. Not eligible to be rented through this program: Accelerated, accumulated, promotion, extra Holiday Credits, bonus credits and the Yearly Allotment Holiday Credits previously used on reservations.
*The Rentsure renovation fee is subject to changes without previous notice.